Level 4-40 (Cloud City)

This page contains the solution of level 4-40 in episode 4 (Cloud City) from the popular iOS and Android game Angry Birds Star Wars. Below you can find a walkthrough to earn all 3 stars.

Birds in this level

Luke skywalker bird Princess leia bird Lando calrissian bird Chewbacca bird Obi-wan kenobi bird Rebel pilots bird

3 stars score


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Jango fett

Posted on 08/26/2014

Lard vader can you please watch out for blocks

Lard vader

Posted on 08/26/2014

You mean that time when I jumped on the stone block

Jango fett

Posted on 08/26/2014

Yes mr vader you are not padme's boy friend


Posted on 09/02/2014

This level is tricky as hell! Just do your best to follow the same moves as the video above. With a little patience and a lot of luck you can achieve three stars!

Emperor Palpatine

Posted on 09/19/2014

Curse you pigs I will kill those birds even Luke,Obi Wan and the others.


Posted on 10/17/2014

Luke is great when pigs are deadddddddddddFor Liea

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