Level PR-9 (Reward Chapter)

This page contains the solution of level pr-9 in episode 0 (Reward Chapter) from the popular iOS and Android game Angry Birds Star Wars II. Below you can find a walkthrough to earn all 3 stars.

Fire Anakin just left of the TNT, using his Dark Force to blast nearby debris away. A wooden block should traverse the right side of the level, breaking the rope above and dropping boulders onto the unsuspecting enemies. Feel free to add a comment when you've got a different strategy.
This level contains a Bonus Box. The Bonus Box is in the upper-right corner of the level. It's extremely difficult to obtain. Send Anakin towards the rope beneath the steel objects. Use his power to send one of the steel objects upwards to touch the treasure map. Have a look at our complete list of all hidden items to find more.

Pigs in this level

Anakin episode iii pig Anakin episode iii pig Anakin episode iii pig

3 stars score


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Yu Jin Lee

Posted on 10/19/2013

First, sling the bird between the metal and wooden blocks. Tap when you are in that point. The TNT will explode, destroying the bird on the lower glass blocks.There might be two wooden blocks going up the curved edge and cutting the upper rope


Posted on 10/19/2013

Oh, and also, I 'm not really called by my previous name.


Posted on 10/20/2013

This is very awsome

General grievous

Posted on 11/03/2013

I like Darth vader better than you


Posted on 11/18/2013

Anikin skywalker episode ||| looks very evil in my sight and has The same power like darth vader.


Posted on 11/19/2013

Nobody knows is name?It is Anakin Skywalker. Except he is on the pork side.how did Anakin end up on the pork side!


Posted on 12/26/2013

Anakin skywalker (for the pork side) is the kid of Darth vader.(I am your father) LOL


Posted on 01/20/2014

A bird working for the pork side...weird!


Posted on 02/11/2014

No, Vader is LUKE's dad, not Anakin's. Near the end of Star Wars: REVENGE OF THE SITH (Episode III), Darth Sidious turns Anakin to the Dark Side. I have seen Episodes 1-6 (currently all of them).

Pea Shooter

Posted on 02/18/2014

How can you get the bonus box without character swapping?


Posted on 03/02/2014

General grievous,I like darth vader more than you!!!!


Posted on 03/16/2014

If anakin episode I v.s anakin episode II v.s anakin episode III, who will win?

anakin 2

Posted on 03/23/2014

No anakin is luke dad because obi wan wins to anakin and anakin is burning

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