Level P1-S4 (Naboo Invasion)

This page contains the solution of level p1-s4 in episode 1 (Naboo Invasion) from the popular iOS and Android game Angry Birds Star Wars II. Below you can find a walkthrough to earn all 3 stars.

Aim Droideka up so she skims the top of the first atmosphere. Trigger her power as she passes the metal TNT box on the far side to wipe out all the rebel scum. Feel free to add a comment when you've got a different strategy.

Pigs in this level

Droideka pig Droideka pig Droideka pig

3 stars score


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Posted on 03/29/2014

HIIIIIIIIIII! I am Sam I am the first person to put this comment 😒


Posted on 08/10/2014

I am an owner of this game and I was the one who did that:)


Posted on 09/28/2014

How come there is no music and sound?


Posted on 10/11/2014

I like this level ! And i play it every i play my ipod

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