Level B1-S4 (Naboo Invasion)

This page contains the solution of level b1-s4 in episode 1 (Naboo Invasion) from the popular iOS and Android game Angry Birds Star Wars II. Below you can find a walkthrough to earn all 3 stars.

Launch C-3P0 up at a high arch, detonating him as he reaches the apex. This should send debris down and pop the pig hiding on the ledge. Sent the next C-3P0 up and over to sever the chain. The TNT should swing back into the main structure and finish off the level. It seems like you could easily 1-bird this level. Feel free to add a comment when you've got a different strategy.

Birds in this level

C-3po bird C-3po bird C-3po bird

3 stars score


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Posted on 02/01/2014

So hard!!!!!!! To get 3 stars


Posted on 02/03/2014

I won this level with only one c-3po, I'm lucky


Posted on 02/15/2014

I'm shire this level is easy


Posted on 04/05/2014

Woooooooooooooo yeah I pop green bacon without the TNT


Posted on 05/05/2014

Whoops... I'm sorry for these comments


Posted on 06/19/2014

This is good with this video showing to beat the level I HATE!


Posted on 07/15/2014

I found one update its two maps named rise of the clones and master your destiny


Posted on 08/13/2014

Even if I do do it the write way or with 1 c-3po I still get one or two stars


Posted on 08/31/2014

I pass the level Only one c3po is easy


Posted on 09/07/2014

Just died the 100th time guys!


Posted on 10/19/2014

Mit c3po 67590 geschaft

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