Level P2-20 (Escape to Tatooine)

This page contains the solution of level p2-20 in episode 2 (Escape to Tatooine) from the popular iOS and Android game Angry Birds Star Wars II. Below you can find a walkthrough to earn all 3 stars.

Aim Darth Maul between the two highest platforms. Repeat the shot with Count Dooku, using the boomerang to pop the remaining enemies. When Qui-Gon Jinn appears, blast him with Jango Fett's rocket. Feel free to add a comment when you've got a different strategy.

Pigs in this level

Darth sidious pig Battle droid pig Jango fett pig Count dooku pig Darth maul pig

3 stars score


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Posted on 10/20/2013

there was a bird in the ship.It's qui gonn jinn.And o he launch darth maul,count dooku and jango fett

Mr. pig

Posted on 10/20/2013

This guide is so helpful!

Hideous darth sidios

Posted on 11/02/2013

Destroy the jawa ships then jango fires the missile at the chains and wood then battle droid shoots qui_gon_jinn


Posted on 11/10/2013

Go down the line with Darth maul and Sidous count dooku jango fett and the battle droid defeat qui gon jinn!

Darth Vader

Posted on 11/22/2013

I wonder why the force doesn't work on Qui gonn jinn


Posted on 12/04/2013

Battle of Naboo is coming this December, a 4th update coming up December 5! There will be 3 new free characters, plus 44 levels and there will be a special boss fight! Play as Padme, Zam Wesell and Captain Panaka for free!!

arianne and ryan

Posted on 01/11/2014

Jui-jong-ginn is here after beating the villainous pigs.


Posted on 03/26/2014

First launch Darth maul and lightsaber the pot then make count dooku destroy the rest of the pots then make jango fett shoot blast group by shooting the chain then make battle droid blast the captin pankas and the stick group last make eprorer piglantine destroy qui gon


Posted on 04/08/2014

Darth maul Should hit the first pot and then make count dooku destroy the pigs at the bottom then make jango fett destroy qui gonn jinn


Posted on 05/10/2014

If Jango fett fails to destroy the bird on the ship then darth sidous will electrocute him.


Posted on 06/28/2014

No if jango fett fails to destroy the bird on the ship battle droid will shoot him

darth palpatine

Posted on 06/29/2014

first launch darth maul and lightsaber the pots where the wittins are. then make dooku destroy the rest of the pots then make jango fett shoot blast bird group by blasteing chain then make battle droid blast the captain panakas and the stick birds. last make darth idious destroy qui gon jinn. qui gon jinn is after killing the birds!


Posted on 07/29/2014

I beat escape to tatooine and naboo invasion

Darth maul

Posted on 09/07/2014

Hi se there is a bird plane down 2 bird I can not beat

Tusken raider

Posted on 10/05/2014

In light side,i hate sith..in dark side,i hate jedi

Darth vader

Posted on 10/13/2014

i like this boss battle

Master Yoda

Posted on 10/19/2014

You are dumb Tusken raider.


Posted on 11/24/2014

Make darth maul destroy chains then send count dooku to destroy platforms crack up jango to qui gon jinn

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