Level B2-17 (Escape to Tatooine)

This page contains the solution of level b2-17 in episode 2 (Escape to Tatooine) from the popular iOS and Android game Angry Birds Star Wars II. Below you can find a walkthrough to earn all 3 stars.

Send Anakin straight ahead, targeting the right side of the left structure before you hit the chained pig. The TNT there should detonate while Anakin destabilizes the right structure. Feel free to add a comment when you've got a different strategy.
This level contains a Treasure Map. The map is on the far top right hand side of the level. Fling Anakin at a high arch ad wrap his podracer around the rock face. Wait a couple seconds and the explosion should get you the map. Have a look at our complete list of all hidden items to find more.

Birds in this level

Anakin episode i bird Anakin episode i bird Anakin episode i bird

3 stars score


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Austin gosnell

Posted on 02/08/2014

How do you Get three stars without Any power ups?

ben 10

Posted on 08/12/2014

I can not beat this level ?

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